Aim the viewfinder at the crowns of the imposing oaks in the Kulháň reservation, have a look on the surface of the lakes and exchange a word with the history at Topolčany Castle. The "LAKES" trip package with a total elevation gain of 1600m leads from Kálnice through the picturesque landscape of the Považský Inovec mountain range. It includes an attractive enduro trail and a seven-kilometer descent through unspoilt nature to Jelení dolina. The unique recipe of roasted trout from the local farm will delight even the most demanding gourmets.
The 50 km all day cycling trip is suitable for advanced riders.

LEVEL: Advanced
INCREASE: 1600 m
MEETING POINT: Bikepark Kálnica
CAPACITY: 2 - 7 people
PRICE: 100 € / person
INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Electric bike for the whole day and an experienced local guide that will always be available to you. Insurance. Equipment such as a helmet, gloves and a comfortable backpack in which you will find an ionic drink, mineral water, protein bar, biscuit and a souvenir. Facilities in one of the best bikepark. Unique baked trout with garnish and drink at the family trout farm.

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